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Festival of Politics and Ideas
27th – 29th February 2020

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The Limerick Spring 2020

Home is where the heart is

For many of us,  watching our global home suffer with the effects of Climate Change is a call to action. More locally, the growing number of people struggling to find a secure and affordable place to call home is also a crisis issue.

Activism for some of us might focus on local issues such as housing and pollution in our city, but global challenges of climate change and economic inequality are driving people all over the world to become activists seeking solutions to- literally-  save the planet.

All of us and all of these issues are connected.

The Limerick Spring aims to shine a spotlight on projects, ideas and citizens that are leading the way and offering a glimpse of what is possible.

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Thursday 27th February

12PM – 2PM | University of Limerick | Email to register your interest

Imagine waking up and finding out that a once-lost country has reappeared, and now its economy is in your hands. What would you do? Students from UL and LIT collaborate in LULITMI.

During the marketplace of ideas, groups of students turn into democratic visionaries. The task at hand – how would you govern LULITMI, a country which has miraculously reappeared after being lost for 1000 years, its citizens awakening from many years of dreamlike sleep? Who gets the power – they decide.

The citizens now need the innovators to research and assess different ways to manage the nation’s affairs in this new and strange 21st century. In response to tasks posed by LULITMI residents, our democratic and administrative visionaries will hold a marketplace of ideas on Thursday, February 27th between 12-2 pm, in the Atrium of the Foundation Building, where they will showcase how they would manage the nation’s contemporary society. Is there only one right solution?

A panel of ‘wise-elders’, drawn from UL, LIT, and the Limerick Spring Festival Committee, will judge, question and challenge the ideas put forward. We invite you to do the same.

6PM – 7:30PM | Narrative4, 58 O’Connell Street| Free event, booking required HERE.

Facilitated by Vicky Donnelly, education worker at Galway One World Centre.

The crash, the bank guarantee, the bailout…we’ll be taking a look back at the last decade, in Ireland and beyond, and at events that put us in the running for the recognition by the Guinness Book of Records for the World’s Most Expensive Bank Bailout. Austerity was applied in doses that would have made the Torys blush, and led to Ireland having the highest emigration rates in the OECD.

Still, we only have ourselves to blame – “we all partied”, remember? These things are much better left to the experts. At least, that’s how the story goes. But if we want a different ending maybe it’s time to tell our own story…

About Vicky Donnelly

Vicky delivers workshops on global development issues for schools, colleges and educators, focusing on structural causes of poverty such as corporate tax dodging, unfair trade and debt injustice. This session is part of the Citizens For Financial Justice project which aims to we aim to inform and connect citizens to act together to make the global financial system work better for everyone.


8pm | Belltable, 69 O’Connell St | €15 + Booking Fee BOOK HERE

Experience the incredible true story of Ireland’s 1798 Rebellion through song, imagery and storytelling in the capable hands of historical entertainer and musician Paddy Cullivan.

Inspired by the American and French Revolutions of the late-18th Century, the ’10 Dark Secrets of 1798’ is a historical drama of ‘Game of Thrones’ proportions, bringing a staggering array of characters to life. Wolfe Tone, Lord Edward Fitzgerald and Napper Tandy – George Washington, The ‘Mad King’ George III and Napoleon Bonaparte. Huge battles, victories and losses from the epic Wexford Rebellion to the unbelievable ’Year of the French’…and most importantly, the timeless call of the United Irishmen (and women!) to unite ‘Protestant, Catholic and Dissenter’…

Event hosted by Belltable. 

Friday 28th February

11AM-1PM | Ormston House, Patrick Street | Free Event, all women welcome

Hosted by NCCWN-Limerick Women’s Network.

In July 2019, the Citizens’ Assembly on gender equality was established. The Assembly is now inviting public submissions to inform their discussions and the recommendations they will make around the issue of gender in Irish society over the coming months.

NCCWN Limerick Women’s Network is an organisation that is funded to work with women and are holding this consultation as part of their national submission to the citizens assembly on gender equality. The call for submissions are open to all individuals and groups, so anyone with an interest is free to make a submission themselves separately.

3-5PM | Ormston House, Patrick Street | Free Event BOOK HERE

The Limerick Spring is holding a public participatory workshop with the citizens of Limerick on the issue of housing in Ireland. We will be exploring the economics of housing, the future of housing and demographics, exploring alternatives and also asking if housing is a human right? This is a participatory facilitated event. 

This event is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss what has become a crisis issue facing all generations both in Ireland and globally.

7pm-8:30pm | Shannon Rowing Club, Sarsfield Bridge | €10 + Booking fee BOOK HERE – SOLD OUT, waiting list in operation

Are there practical solutions to the housing crisis? Let’s find out.

A panel discussion on the housing crisis in Ireland, looking at possible solutions and where we go from here. Featuring Anne Cronin (Head of Services at Novas), John Moran (Chairman of the Land Development Agency), Eoin Ó Broin (housing spokesperson for Sinn Féin), Jenny Blake of the Social Democrats, Limerick and more to be announced. 

We are delighted to invite some leading housing experts to Limerick where they can express their outlook, ideas and solutions to the housing crisis effecting so many of us in Ireland today. This panel is not just a one-way lecture, we open the floor to the audience at all our public events. Join us as we explore the barriers to progress and the potential solutions to the housing crisis facing people all over Ireland and beyond.

Please not the building is unfortunately not wheelchair accessible. 

Saturday 29th February

2-4PM | Ormston House, Patrick Street | Free Event, All Welcome

The Climate Café will launch at Ormston House as part of the Limerick Spring: Festival of Politics and Ideas.

This new weekly event is inspired by Fridays for Future meetings and participants’ experiences, questions and responses to climate action. The main part of the event is to meet and chat with scientists and local experts on specific aspects of climate research and sustainability. This will be an open and relaxed atmosphere where participants can ask questions and share information. There will be a range of activities each week including plant-based recipe tasting, DIY/DIO repair demonstrations, and self-care tips for eco-anxiety.

The Climate Café is kindly supported by the Community Environment Action Fund.

Admission is free and all are welcome.

6PM | Ormston House, Patrick Street | Free Event, All Welcome

Alan Kinsella began collecting political posters during the 1982 general election, encouraged by a hand-written note from Labour’s Barry Desmond. Nearly four decades on, he is Ireland’s unofficial election historian and archivist.

See the story of Irish politics as told through Alan’s compilation of election literature. From posters to leaflets, the collection is almost half a century old and boast around 50,000 artefacts. This exhibition is not just a history lesson, it encompasses the evolution of Irish society through once-taboo topics such as divorce and abortion. Kinsella will commence with a talk, illustrating the rationale behind his journey treasuring political nostalgia. Come and see if Irish election campaigns have changed throughout the last few decades.

9:30PM | Pharmacia, Sarsfield Street | Free In

The legendary Tom Prendergast returns to the Limerick Spring behind the decks for the Limerick Fling, the festival’s closing party.

Round off a weekend of political and cultural invention at our politically-themed disco. Expect banging tunes and good vibes. This is the perfect way to wrap up a weekend of deconstructing political and social affairs.

Bring your dancing shoes. 

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The Limerick Spring Festival of Politics and Ideas began in 2014 and since then has touched on many social, political and cultural issues and themes with a strong core value of citizen activism. The Limerick Spring celebrates the role of the citizen in pushing for transparency, openness and holding truth to power, where ever it lies.

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